Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Miracle a day

A miracle a day: I have not entered on this topic in some time, so I thought I would create a small list!

1) The weather was perfect in Fl.
2) Our house hold is ridden of any unwanted critters
3) My husbands company(in the mist of recession) is offering overtime for the first time in almost a year. Thank you God for watching over our income.
4) We have a nice place to live, unlike so many homeless people in America.
5) I get to volunteer at two Daytona 500 events this week. Yeah, Fun!!!
6) Our TV broke and yes this is a miracle because I did twice as much house work today, visited with my family more, and enjoyed the quietness of the day.

The next installment of Jamaica is coming I have preset these entrees due to that I am out of town volunteering on Wednesday and Thursday. I will be able to continue the story when I return.

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