Sunday, February 8, 2009

In Jamaica

Once in the air the trip to Miami was quick, I am not sure we ever leveled off. It felt like we went up and immediately descended.

Miami Airport is a hub of buzz and confusion. But we successfully navigated to our next gate and boarded our flight. It was about 6:30 ish and we were in the air again. The sunset was beautiful and with a blink of an eye all you could see was water. It was a little scary, that whole, Wow if we crash we have to swim.....a lot! It was very cool to see the cruise ships from the air and imagining all the fun stuff those folks were doing.

It was dark when we landed in Jamaica. The airport was deserted and very small. The second I disembarked from the plane I noticed the heat and humidity. You would think living in Fl the temperature would not be a factor, but It was very hot. We entered the airport and walked down a long hall way. I was not like any other airport I had been in. No restaurants, No gift shops, Just a few bathrooms and a lot of construction. We walked to the end of the hall where we stood in a line for about an hour to clear customes.

When it was my turn I was very nervous. I had don my research and it was ok to be a christian in this country. May missions trips you are unable to devulge you true reason for being in the country. But Jamica is a mix of Cathlic and Pentecostal and reliogon is openly practiced. As I stepped up to the very attractive young women behind the desk I learned very quickly, although they speak english I was still not going to be able to understand a word she said.


SonjaB said...

This sounds like its going to be a fun story. I can't wait for the rest.

BTW, I don't think you have to swim, I think the plane has lifeboats.

Wendy said...

good point.

Jenks said...

ok I'm on the edge of my seat now...I can't wait to hear all about Jamaica