Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm gonna miss this????

Trace Adkins has a great song that takes the listener through lives stages with children and how as the years pass the issues, trials and tribulations are going to mean so much to you in the future!

Well some how I doubt that. after two days like the past two days I am looking forward to the empty nest.... THE VERY EMPTY NEST SYNDROME.

About a week ago my niece told me my nephew went to my sisters nail appointment. The nail lady works from home. She has a 4 year old daughter who attends day care. Day care is the pea tree dish for lice. Ah we see where this is going! So with this being said my niece gave me a heads up and I check B's head. Nothing, great.

Every Sunday after church we try to go to my sisters house to visit. We were their last Sunday. Sunday night when I was putting B to bed he was scratching his head...hummmmm! Monday morning(and this is where the really story begins) I decided to chk again. With in about 30 seconds I found the confirmation of lice.

Great! so as I continued to check his head it was very apparent he was not going to school so the head washing, house delousing, nit picking would begin. Shawn was home for the day(thank God) he took all the big stuff to the laundry mat and I began washing everything else. we sprayed everything in the house and the truck.

It just so happened the weather was terrible, cold, wet, raining, miserable. It was a great day to disinfect our entire house. We parked B in front of the PlayStation 2 and picked in his hair. Shawn shaved his head and we pain staking went in to my mane. As usual the dogs did what dogs do. Sleep! every once and a while one would wake up and go out side for a potty break. Now it was cold and it was wet and if I had to pee outside I probably would wait till the very last minuet, but two out of three dogs bit the bullet and peed outside as taught.

We had declared our bedroom a lice free zone so once things came out of the dryer we would put them in there to be folded and put away. About 4 ish I walked into my bedroom and (our room is the only room in the house with carpet) found about 2 steps in the door a giant wet spot on my carpet. With patience my loving husband cleaned it up.

Fast forward to about 9:30pm. The day was a constant day of washing vacuuming, picking washing spraying.... you get the picture. For convince I laided a blanket on B's floor(for the next week his bedding will need to be washed everyday to be sure of no re-infestation.)

We finally found a stopping point to the process and we were all exhausted, I layed B down in the nest I created for him . I got down on my knees to kiss him good night and as my knee touched the bedding I found a giant wet spot on his covers. Yes once again the basset whom does not go out in the rain to pee, had found a spot that suited her.

AHHHGGGGGGG, round 17, get B up, get the bedding up and in the washer, clean the floor make a new nest, get B back in bed.

Fast forward to Tuesday at my boys school, I had already told his teacher of the lice( I have now found out three other children in his class have the creepy crawlers) As I was checking him out of school after his field trip he announced to the entire front office parents, children, and staff he was going home early because he had LICE!( we were going home early so I did not have to come back in 1/2hour when school officially let out)

Oh wait, this just after he announced to his whole class and the parents who were on the field trip with us, " We have tile in our house because our dogs peed on our carpet." And, " Daisy peeded in our house yesterday!

Oh yeah
I'm gonna miss this!
I think I would rather grocery shop naked then be subjected to what comes out of the mouths of babes.

I just keep chanting the verse in the picture above. These are the days the Lord has made be glad and rejoice in them..........I gonna miss this........I am trying but a empty nest syndrome sounds really good right now.

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