Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday recap

Well the Christmas holiday is finished, as quickly as it came it is over.
We had about twenty people(relatives) over, Shawns mom and sisters, extend family and a few friends. All in all it came out great a few minor set backs the night before in preparing and finishing the final house prep, but by the time the first quest arrived everything was in place. Yeah! It was a hustle bustle day people food, food people.

It seems when you are the host you keep very busy. I had planned an extensive menu, brunch: Quiche, cinnamon rolls, bacon juice, coffee. This would be from 10 ish to noonish. Snacks and horderves from noon to two, and lunch from Two to 3:30 ish and then cocktails, coffee and desert. The bulk of our quest arrived after noon, this was the first hurdle to over come! What were they to eat brunch lunch snacks.....eek, I was already in catch up mode. Jenks and her husband came on time so they were on the food schedule, but everyone else was a little off. The family all brought dips and other goodies to eat so their was plenty to choose from.

Even with the new space in our kitchen we still ran out of counter space. Some where in the mix of cleaning serving pre-heating the oven I set out the main lunch course, Turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, and mashed potatoes. In my busyness I completely forgot to put the stuffing, green bean casserole, and corn in butter sauce out! I am not sure if any one missed it but I feel like a slacker for forgetting all the veggie stuff!

Al in all it was a great day everyone loved the new digs and it was great to see all of Shawns family. It was also great to have a day(today) to not have to prepare for anything. B never got out of his pj's and played all day with his new toys a great day for him. I was supposed to go to the gym today but I was exhausted from all the preparations and it felt good to just sit and nap a little. (I never made it to the Gym)

Being the parents of a 5yr old and living in a small town we do not do much with the whole New Years eve thing so we do not have to prepare for that! Yeah! The next big event will be B's birthday. This is a big deal around hour house and usually a big event with lots of planning. This year will be the first year in the last 4 that we have a party at the house. We usually plan a destination birthday. One year the Zoo, one year the Aquarium and one year the Monster truck show.

B is excited to have a house party, we will be having a bounce house and lots of games crafts. I can't help but over plan! We are going with a theme of motor sports. We are currently looking for a monster truck bounce house to rent and I am looking on line for a truck cake pan. This is one event where both sides of the family come together which is always fun.


SonjaB said...

How did B like his train set?

Wendy said...

Loved it we have spent all day creating a kid man cave out of our garage so he could set the train table up and use his trains. You will be happy to know he has had several mass casualties train derailments, the emergency vehicles have been very busy.

Jenks said...

Christmas was great, thanks for having us over.
Just to let you know, I didn't notice any veggies missing and everything was very yummy.