Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yesterday was feasibly the worst day of destruction in my house. I know any day now we will turn the tide and start rebuilding what we have torn out but it seems to be a distant hope.

The electrician came and ran a bunch of wire, but told me I can't have light swithces where I want them. The plumber came and said he would run the water lines for the new refrigerator but will be drilling through my new all wood cabinets(I guess from what i hear this is normal procedure in new construction homes)

The stucco guy came and tried to repair the stucco around the window the construction crew replaced. The construction crew chipped away all my fake stucco brick when putting in the new window, thus it needed to be repaired. When stucco man came he was amazed at the hatchet job the construction guy did, and said he may be able to make it match the old stucco (the rest of the house is done in,) but probably not.

Ah remodeling, I knew it was going to have a few speed bumps.

Please note I am not complaining i am merely venting. I know we are truly blessed to be doing this kind of transformation on our house in this economic time. But, also not we are still holding up mostly in our garage and cooking in my microwave on my washing machine is forcing me to be creative. It seems at least another two weeks before we will see signs of a kitchen actully in the house.


Sonja's Mom said...

I can sympathize but at least you are getting it done outside of hurricane season. When we did our kitchen, work was held up (after the demolation had taken place)by a month while we waited for two hurricanes to criscross the state. We had no kitchen at all, no electricity and hurricane shutters blocking out all the light. I knew exactly how the cave women felt.

Don't worry - it will all be worth it in the end.

Wendy said...

That is what the construction people keep saying.