Thursday, September 18, 2008

VA Trip

When I woke B up to let him know we had arrived he was a little grumpy. I had warned him this hotel was economy and not to expect the same as our Orlando trip. The Orlando resort is nicer then my house. A large two bedroom two bathroom condo with a big screen in each bedroom and the living room, a full kitchen with modern appliences and granit conunter tops. Our VA Beach home away from home was booked for economy and location only. When travelocity gives it a 1 1/2 rating out of 5 you don't expect the Ritz Carlton.

When we opened the door the musty smell greeted us. The space was for the most part clean, but the floor was very uneven. It was as if the poured cement, did not smooth or level it, let it dry and put carpet over it. Very strange. Seeing B's dislike for our accomidations I did what mom's do and tried to make the best of it. With a smile(by the way I agreed with B, I was not sure I was going to be o.k. here) and suggested we go investigate. Lets find the beach.

B was not to keen on the room and was still sleepy so it took a little work to get him in to his suit and out the door. But once we saw where the beach was to our hotel room( about a block, small walk) from our room we were both very excited. You would think a kid from Fl would not get that excited about a beach but he was. We do not get to the beach a lot so staying on the beach for a few days was a treat.

In fact once we were on the beach it was a struggle to get him off. He was fascinated. We didn't have any toys but he just played and played in the waves. Occasionally he would meet a friend as B does and play but for the most part it was just he and I. Shawn had to work on the day we left so he would fly in and meet us the next day. B and I spent the next few hours playing at the beach. With the exception of a long drawn out Walmart trip we played at the beach. It was finally 10pm and I had to insist we head for bed. We were meeting dad at the airport tomorrow and then straight to the Jeff Gordon event we had come for.


Jenks said...

We should all head to the beach one day...glad to hear that the trip has gone well so far.

Wendy said...

Brock would love that we will have to plan a saturday! Soon befor the water becomes very cold...