Friday, August 29, 2008

The end(mom story)

O.K. It has come to my attention I am way behind on my blog. I am still writing about a 24hour period of time that happened in July. We are turning the corner into Sept. and I have about 10 blogs stacked up in the edit post page. My life is marching on and I have so many things to write about I need to catch up. I have a million stories of Jamaica, Karma, being a stay at home mom, and of course my regular topics of a Miracle a day, and lessons from a 5 year old.

I find with more free time(no job) then ever I blog less, I just don't seem to have the time. When I had a job I found it a very quite, private time just for me to blog. Now I have time to myself (although filled with cleaning, organizing and shopping) I don't need to vent as much.

So! thus being said I am going to wrap up the Mom story so I can quickly post the ten draft's I have sitting in wait and get caught up!

Saturday July 5, 2008
The alarm went off at 6:30 am and I felt as if I had just fallen asleep. My eyes opened and closed. I could not open them again. The sun came in my bedroom window when I opened my eyes again it seemed really bright, I looked over at my clock and it said 9:30am. I had to go, I slowly crawled out of my bed and started to clean the house finish packing the truck with the remainder of the groceries and my luggage. I was on the road heading for Orlando, I felt guilty, I was not going to call my sister or the hospital to see how mom had done thur the night. I didn't want to give anyone an opportunity to persuade me into staying in town.

I stopped at the local store grabbed a bottle of Mountain Dew (my daily coffee)and jumped onto the interstate....AHHHHH free at last. I could not wait to see my family and have fun, but still in the back of my mind I wondered If I was doing the right thing.

I arrived at the hotel and my son was so excited he gave me the run down of the lay of the land, where the pools are , where the golf course was and where the local McDonald's was. We unpacked the truck, repacked our truck and before you knew it we were on our way to the big race( to be blogged about soon) As we drove further away from my home my thoughts became more distant from the hospital.

We arrived back from the race about 3:30 am on Sunday morning, scooped B into bed and totally fell into bed. We slept until noonish and before we knew it we were getting a phone call from Shawn's sister. They had already planned to come and spend a few days with us and they were letting us know they were on their way.

When I decided to take the my moms truck to Orlando my sister made a comment I could go for the race, stay for a few days and then come home on Wednesday (leaving my Husband and son to finish vacation with out me) My sister-n-Laws arrived and stayed for two days. My phone did not ring and I wasn't calling, I gave everyone a number I could be reached at and was positive if something bad happened they would call.

(long story short) I avoided the situation completely for seven days, I new for sure if my mom was still the same I was in hot water with my sister, and if she was better I was in hot water with My mom for keeping her truck( her pride and joy) for a week in Orlando. I knew better then to drive it. Once I arrived at the hotel I parked it and did not drive it until I was headed for home. When our vacation was over we started the drive home. I was petrified, nervous, worried and really not looking forward to the reception I would get when I got to my sisters house. We checked out of the hotel early and were home before the afternoon. Their was no delaying I had to take my moms truck back to her.

When we arrived at my sisters house the reception was cool, but not hostile in the least. I had to ask, how was mom. I had totally non-confronted for a week it was now time I had to face what I had worked so hard to avoid. I had spent my week tyring not to think about it but it was always in the back of my mind.

Sue said Mom was released on Monday(i think) and she went home to Sue's house. She seemed to be back to a more normal state and slept on and off for the day. Tuesday(I think) she went home where she began her recuperation. Her mind was still foggy but she stopped seeing imaginary creatures. As far as the truck being gone it was a good thing. The Dr. said she was not to drive for a month. She didn't even miss her truck. We in fact should have kept the truck secured because as soon as she felt up to it ( about a week after) she was sneaking out to the laundry mat to wash things that didn't really need to be washed. She had a visiting nurse for the next couple of days to make sure she was not doing anything to crazy.

With God's grace all is well, Mom has made a full recovery, My sister Sue and I are relieved, at least for now of the full time care of our mom. Sue and her family still visit on a weekly basis to help around her house and I go up as much as possible on the weekends. In fact Mom spent two days at my house due the hurricane scare(Fay) we enjoyed our time with her even if she is still a little crazy and hard to deal with.

I find myself very cliche, I am now a 40 something housewife, raising a small child and also assisting in the care of an aging parent. I think they call it the sandwich generation, or am I a baby boomer! not sure!

disclaimer( due to time, limited editing has been done, just muddle though and if you have questions about some questionable writing let me know)


SonjaB said...

Ok, first of all you are not a baby-boomer, we are generation X.

Second, I see a Marshallism in there, "non-confronting", very nivce.

Three, why are you jobless? What happen to the school? When I saw you last month you had three jobs, WTH?

Wendy said...

wow! quick response....
I will blog about unemployment soon. I still have the resturant job but only 1 day a week.

Remember Iwas having a situation similar to yours with my school job. Scarey, It got even more like your situation where my boss said untrue things about why she fired me. Future blog!

SonjaB said...

Well you only have 120 days to file that Whistle blower retaliation suit.

Wendy said...

no need filed unemployment, she complained, the overturned her complaint, I get unemployment she pays for....! enough justice for me!

Jenks said...

Baby Boomer Generation 1946 - 1964
Generation X 1966 - 1982
And did you know there was a Generation Y 1983 - there you have that.

Glad to hear that you Mom is doing better, vacation was had and everyone survived :o)

And no since you're catching up, I have another blog to go read.