Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Miracle a day

I know Iknow, I started a series on my crazy mother and have not been able to continue it. The next entry in that series is a little lengthy so it will take a while to create. Unfortunately I have not had an extra minute, much less "aWHILE"

If I would move into the 21st century and get a lap top that you can actually use on your lap in the car, or somewhere other then your living room cat table I might be able to stay current. Now I can't even say I have a cat ,lap top because it literally went up in smoke.

Any who! I have a quick moment and I thought I would do a quick installment of one my favorite blog titles and series. A miracle a day.

O.k. so it all started last week about Thursday. I am not going into further detail because that would create a rather lengthy blog and if I had time for that I would have time to continue my series on my mom. So it all started last Thursday, lets just say I had a bad day at work. Not with the babies, or the babies parents but with my co-workers, and on Friday it went from bad to worse. If you remember Sonja's fairy tale blog about the mean boss and fabrications of information, well lets just say it went along those lines on a smaller scale.

I have loved my work and my job for the past 9months and trusted my co-workers and boss and thought they understood who I am my integrity, morals and values and when in a questionable situation would give me the benefit of the doubt(again no children were harmed or ever put in danger)(in fact I think they were sleeping or spitting up at the time.) I also over the mths have become friends with my co-workers, I am truly interested in these people and their little lives. I want the best for them their families and most of all for the business.

After I left the school on Friday I spent a lovely afternoon on Saturday with Sonja and family and didn't think about it. On the car ride home I was able to finally talk to my husband about it and as I talked about it I realized how deeply hurt and sad I was over this issue. I really felt betrayed(Sonja, are you saying"Girl I know how that feels") I was upset to say the least.

When Monday came I walked back into school to find an atmosphere of silence, coldness and discomfort. People who on Wednesday of last week were sitting on my floor laughing and talking now would not even look at me. So to say they least again I became very sad, and hurt.

Today is Wednesday and each day has been the same and I hate it their now. I have never liked confrontation, perhaps that is why I only have a Job for about 2 or 3 years and they somewhere somehow I have a confrontation and I split. The issue started from company time. What is aloud on company time and what should be done on your own personal time. Day cares are like any other business, maybe not dictated by economy but defiantly have a slow season. Families go on vacation, some parents have the summer off and pull their kids until the school year starts again, and some kids go away for the summer. When this happens enrollment is down and staffing has to reflect that. Typically teachers will rotate going home early or taking longer lunches to assist in the decrease of revenue.

It has been brought to my attention that I must stay to a very strict schedule, in at 8:30, lunch at 12 - 1, out at 5:30 promptly, no matter what. So each day I scramble at the end of the day to complete my nightly chores, get my babies ready to leave and be out by 5:30 on the button. Sometimes babies have other plans like eating, pooping, spitting up all at 5:20pm. None the less I have done my very best to accommodate the request made of me. Today was know different, I was done with my work the babies were prepped to go home and handed off to the other teacher. In my anguish and discomfort, remember, know one is speaking to me, it rushed out the door and ran to the security of my truck. Once behind the wheel I was in a sort of frenzy, still hurt from the day and it was compounded by the first two days of the week being the same. I just wanted to be home.

It was pouring rain, remnants of Hurricane Dolly I think, as I back out of the parking lot. I work 5 blocks from my house. One way I travel has 3 stop signs before you get to my house. Another way has one stop sign. I have been traveling the one stop sign way all week because it is quicker and takes less time. In fear of being one minute late .

I turned out of the parking lot and just wanted to be home, my mind was so many places, I just wanted this day to be over. I stopped at the stop sign and crossed the intersection with great care. I exccelerated the truck and came up to the next cross street and this is where my day went from bad to worst.

As I zoomed over the cross street I realized I had traveled on the road with 3 stop signs not the road with one. As quickly as I realized what I had just done I panicked(if you didn't catch it I ran a stop sign at about 35mph, in the rain) I glanced out the window to see if anyone was coming and going to hit me. The good news was the next vehicle traveling on the street that didn't have the street sign was about 30 feet from hitting me. The bad news was it was one of our cities finest, A Z-hills policeman. Now tell me that ticket didn't just fall into his lap. Yes folks under deep distress I avoided hitting a policeman as I ran a stop sign. And that my dear friends is truly my miracle for today

Thank you God for keeping me out of harms way and not causing a very embarassing car accedint with at policeman!
As I lay on my bedroom floor sopping unable to even look at my husband to tell him what I had just done(I did tell him) he calmly said(his interpretation) "Wendy, God wants you to slow down, maybe you will listen now!"

Thank you God for a forgiving and loving husband that has incredibale wisdom and patiences with me. A miracle in my life every day.
P.S. This sort of thing usually only happens to me in December
P.P.S. I know this turned out to be very long, sorry I will finish the mom blog soon
P.P.S.S I am giving up driving forever!


SonjaB said...

We never stop people in the rain. Good cops don't get wet.

Slow down, and don't let the bastards get your down.

Sonja's Mom said...

Take a deep breath darling. No one got hurt and it's just a ticket. Lesson learned. Time to put that beautiful smile on your face and move on.

Wendy said...

I love you guys!
And ms Sonja, I agree as I tried to explain getting dl and registration out, he was standing in the rain, with out a rain coat and then said to me could you please hurry I am getting wet.

I am not sure if it is budget cuts or stupidity, but why did he not have a rain coat? Don't they issue police people these kinds of things!

Jenks said...

Wow, well at least no one got hurt, was B-man in the truck with you? And I think Shawn is right, you need to slow down, when you start to get all frazzled like that, it affects your driving.