Tuesday, June 10, 2008


On a note that may sound like a line or a story I will begin my next blog.
I am going to Jamaica in August on a missions trip to assist in building(and whatever else)a dorm for an orphanage.

I know, I know it sounds like I have just given my introduction for the Miss America Pageant. "Hi, My name is is .....Ms Florida and I have had a 4.5 GPA for my entire school career, including pre-K. I attended only the best private schools such as Yale, Harvard and Vassar. I speak 7 different languages. I completed my Doctorate in Human Spirituality, Astrology Physics and Ancient History in only two years. I interned under Mother Theresa an after this competition will be going to Jamaica to build orphanages for the poor children. Oh and by the way I am a size 2 but if crowned Miss America will work diligently to lose the extra 1/2lb to become a more normal size of 0.

O.k. All kidding aside I really am going on a missions trip in August. Now the tricky part is I have to raise, what to me, is
a lot of money. The church is doing fundraisers but, that money (the first 10,000.00) is sent to our headquarters who then buys and ships the building materials to Jamaica. If we raise over that amount we begin dividing it out over the 18 member team for airfare, food, lodging etc. Our part is $1400.00. The church has given us a few ideas( letters to send out to friend, family people I have never met whoever) but I need a few more ideas on how to raise a little cash.

So I appeal to you my loyal readers of which I have not heard from in about 3 blogs, got any Ideas? Any brilliant ways to extract cash for a worthy cause. I am open to just about anything, within reason.

If you don't have any ideas can you just give a shout out to GOD to send me money, or ideas on how to accomplish this task.

Thanks W.


Jenks said...

We could always get you a little website going like you mentioned, freewebs.com will let you build a website for free. Hershey's has the candy bar fundraisers...I'm not sure how many boxes you'd have to get though or if you have to pay upfront which would defeat the purpose...maybe you can check into that...I could always put a box on my desk...I work with a bunch of women who are always hunting for chocolate.
I onced baked cheesecakes at walmart as a fundraiser, I kept the cost of what it cost to make the cheesecake and donated the rest to a very sick co-worker. We made about $400 on cheesecakes alone....so maybe some type of bakesale.

Well I need to start getting ready for work and it's too early to be thinking this hard...so I'll try and come up with more later.

Jenks said...

Here's the hershey fundraising link, I just didn't have time to look through it for the info.


Jenks said...

Ok here's another idea, between friends, family and all the families you have contact with at the daycare ****drum roll**** why not host a speghetti dinner or something like it.

But where to put all these people is the first question that I'm sure will come to mind...and I have an answer :o)

We could reserve the clubhouse here, it cost $50 to reserve it but if the place is cleaned up and left the way we got it, they give us back the $50.

Jenks said...

ok, so I was thinking (btw way to earlier for all this), walmart sales boxes of candy bars...like 30 bars for $15, you could always buy those and sell them for $1, and print up the hershey flyer :o)

Just a thought

(I really want chocolate now)

Jenks said...

and here's another link for ya :o)


(ok if I keep this up, I'm going to be late for work)

SonjaB said...

Ummmm,I got nothing. I'll think on it.

Wendy said...

Fjenks, thanks all great Ideas
I am down with the box candy at Walmart. Were does one find this box candy.

Jenks said...

There in the candy isle across from the bikes....on the very top shelf.

Wendy said...

I have secured one box of candy and will take it to work, but I will take help from anyone working in the court house in a neighboring town in which starts with a D and ends with city. This, by the way disqualifies any one except...Jenks.

Jenks said...

oh oh **with hand raised in air** I think I qualify...oh pick me pick me :o)

Wendy said...

O.K. Jenks it is. And buy the way we need to sleep more. I was blogging at 11:45 pm and you blog at 5 ish am.

Sonja's mom speaks said...

Not to put a damper on you enthusiasm but there are rules and regulations for solications in many areas so check to make sure you are not breaking any laws. Also, regarding bake sales - most places don't allow them due to health dept regulations. Bummer.