Tuesday, May 6, 2008

race day delay

Sorry about not posting the next mile -
Over the wseekend I had a minor accident
and injured my fingers on my left hand so typoing
is a little challange. I have leeft the typo's in
to demonstrate the problem. It will be a day or so
and I will be back to typig form, that will not trake
3 hours typing with 3 fingers.


Sonja's Mom said...

What did you do? I hope it's not serious?

Dave said...

"typoing," I like that.

Wendy said...

Sonja's mom
I was helping demo my sisters kitchen(they are redo entire kitchen). At the time they had tile flor. I was using an air chisel which will burrow under the tile and bust it loose for the floor. Now one may think I injured myself, using power tools, but in fact not so. Most of the time the ceramic tile splits into several peices and because you are using a power tool you move across the floor pretty quickly and the broken tile gets in the way. Hence the injury, as I moving to get to more tile I brusehed some of the broken pcs aside, with my bare hand.
Apparently broken tile is very very sharp, razor sharp! I took of a small chunk of the tip of my middle finger and ring finger and my right foot. One gigantic bandage on my fingers and a few days, back to normal.
Thanks for asking