Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Politics for $1000 please Alex

A plea for help from the group. With age has come wisdom, I know my strengths and weaknesses, and I am not afraid to expos either one. So I have a plea for assistance. I am aware the group of bloggers that i am associated with is , better educated, probably reads more and better news papers then I, and is probably much more politically knowledgeable then I. With that being said ,my plea begins!!!

As i watch the news about the upcoming race for the White House i try to understand how are voting system works, why when I am voting for the candidate does my vote not count, who are delegates and how do i get that job, and last but not least after all is said and done WHO THE HECK IS A SUPER DELEGATE!!!!! I realize i am exposing my complete ignorance for the American Government, but I know all of you are very smart in this area.SSSOOOOO get typing and give me a clue. But remember, i am a creative, spiritual type and get distracted easily so if you don't mind please base your answers on the level of your average 2ND grader. I was going to go to blockbuster and rent a schoolhouse rock dvd to brush up but i am pretty sure i don't remember any catchy little tune about SUPER DELEGATES
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Sonja's Mom said...

Who says your vote doesn’t count? Did you get that from your BFF - she should know better. The popular vote may not appear to count in a Presidential election (please read about the electoral college )but in any local and state elections, the voters are the ones who elect their officials.
As for super delegates please read

I could have written this all out for you but the websites do a better job of it.

Bottom line - learn about your choices and VOTE!

PS: Absentee Ballots ARE counted. In fact the first results you see (when it gives votes cast but still says "0% of Precincts reporting" - those are the absentee ballots as those are counted first.

Dave said...

SM pretty much answered it; but, to add an historical note, super-delegates in the Democratic party are the result of some losses they suffered back when, I'm forgetting when. They had gone to a gross winner takes all and lost big time in the general election. So they decided to let the party leaders be super delegates so as to counter a close, but in their minds, crazy popular vote (i.e. McGovern, Dukakis).

Another aside, if the Dems did their primaries the same way the GOP does, Obama would have already won, as has McCain.

Wendy said...

Alrighty I will visit the recommended websites, I hope they can be understood by a 2ND grader....will their be pictures of a word find to help me read these pages.

Now sonja'smom, Just to but your mind at rest, I am a reg. voter and do try to learn about the folks I am voting for and have voted in the past several city and state elections, even the primary. I realize I am from FL. but i have master the electronic voting booth. Now I can not say as much for my dear husband, which is kinda desturbing considering he is the one that was in the Navy for 8years maintaining peace and order so as we can have our right to vote.
Thank you both for your help! You have liberated yet another dazed and confused American.

SonjaB said...

Ok first of all, MOM, I didn't tell her anything about votes not counting of PTHHHHH.

Second, MOM, for the longest time we (including Wendy) just voted for who you said to vote for, so how are we supposed to know who to pick on our own.

Finally for Wendy, I think the super delegate is the one who flys around delivering toys to good candidates everywhere.

Wendy said...

sonja, thank you for your comments we were discussing the voting list when I was blogging this. Amen, I was picturing a cartoon char. with a cape as well. Able to leap tall capital buildings in a single bound, faster then Air Force One a much funner concept, more my style