Saturday, February 16, 2008

I am not even sure what a Blog is .....The only reason I now have a page is because I was reading a friends page and I tried to respond to hers and it took me to create a page. So apparently you have to have a page to type on other peoples pages. It is amazing I would have a page since I have been boycotting technology. Due to cost and trying to simplify my exsistance I no longer have a cell phone. You will find I have alot to say, but I am a bad speller and even worse typest.

I have always wanted to write as profession but never seem to have the time or guts. This forum will make me feel as if I am writing and people are reading. It may never get read by anyone but me, but it does give one that elusion.

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SonjaB said...

OMG welcome to blogworld. I'm so excited for you. This will be fun.